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Patrick Too WhiteJanuary 17 and 18 at two different locations—in Missouri City (Sunday only) and in Richmond, Texas (Saturday and Sunday)— River Pointe is continuing its tradition of celebrating MLK, Jr. day with a gospel choir and a practical message from Patrick Kelley on what faith in Jesus Christ has to do with diversity. Please join us on either campus this weekend.

Kelley says, “I have been white most of my life. I grew up in an all-white neighborhood, went to predominantly white schools, and until I was an adult, had very few non-white friends. If I am going to have a chance to lead a diverse congregation well, I have to be intentional about understanding people and where they are coming from. The church is traditionally very segregated as you may know. River Pointe is not, and in part it is because we feel the responsibility to be proactive and intentional about understanding and embracing our community’s unique diversity.

This week, River Pointe took out a full page advertisement in the Houston Chronicle, again posing the question from Patrick, “Am I too white to be your pastor?” The ad includes an invitation to River Pointe’s annual MLK, Jr. celebration.