Fun fact...did you know Chad has his own backyard garden? Follow him at @chadstrader to keep up with everything that goes directly from his garden to his plate!

We're bringing HGTV to River Pointe

Join Chad Strader and Laura Timmons as they take a tour of some amazing backyards! The purpose is to inspire you and your family to get outside, have fun, create something beautiful and bless your neighbor and community in the process!

Take a look at the videos below to meet some RPC members and staff who have some pretty cool backyards.

Have some questions for our backyard experts or want to show off your backyard project? Let's zoom together on Sunday, November 15th at 6:30 pm (zoom link below).

Love Your Block

DIY Plant To Love Your Neighbor
Richard Gardner (RPC Member) has quite a green thumb for succulents and many other flowers and plants. He has graciously donated a variety of homegrown plants that you can give to your teacher, neighbor or anyone you would like to bless! Email to pick up a plant.

Chicken Coop

DIY Chicken Coop
Take a tour of Jacob Meador's (RPC Staff Member) backyard chicken coop. It's literally a palace for chickens! He built the coop himself and didn't miss a detail. If you've ever been interested in raising your own chickens, join us for a Q&A on November 15th at 6:30 pm with Jacob to ask him anything about his coop or garden.

Tiny Space Garden

Small Space, Big Dreams
Meet Susan Feldmiller (RPC Member) who proves you don't have to have a huge backyard to grow some amazing herbs, vegetables and flowers. She does a lot of container gardening, as well as creating a beautiful haven for butterflies. Zoom with Susan and other master gardeners to answer your questions on November 15th at 6:30 pm.

Fairy Garden

DIY Fairy Garden
Meet RPC members Beverly and Peter Steckler. They have worked the last 10 years to create a backyard full of beautiful flowers, vegetables, herbs, and all sorts of fun things for kids. Take a tour of their backyard as they host Laura Timmons and her two girls creating a DIY budget friendly fairy garden.  This is a perfect project for kids to use their imagination. Click the link below to purchase the fairy garden starter kit. 

Link to purchase kit

Submit a question to our Master Gardeners...

Having trouble growing a specific food or plant? Not sure what you're doing wrong...or just don't know where to start? Submit a question to our Master Gardeners and they'll answer your questions Sunday, November 15th at 6:30 pm via zoom.
click here to submit question to master gardenerclick here for zoom link on 11/15 at 6:30 pm