Did You Know? is a series of short videos and articles from leaders, staff and friends of River Pointe/West End Church (5 minutes or less to read or watch).

3 Ways to Impact a Child’s Faith, Today
Anne King, Children’s Pastor, River Pointe Church

This Episode (3 Minutes): We want our children to grow to be strong in character and faith. There are three simple things you can do today to begin impacting your child.

Did you know that a person’s lifelong behaviors and views are generally developed when they are young—particularly before they reach the teenage years?

Research shows that a person’s moral foundations are generally in place by the time they reach age nine (George Barna/Bill Hybels Transforming Your Children Into Spiritual Champions, Copyright, 2003).

Our ideas on truth, integrity, meaning, justice, morality, and ethics are formed quite early in life. And yes, we may refine our views after we are nine, but the data shows, we really don’t change our core beliefs.

And as a parent or an adult who cares about the next generation, it is our job to invest in them now.

Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. Here are three tips:

  • Pray for and with your children: the bible gives us an example in the New Testament of how to pray. You can begin by inviting God to help you lead them, to guide them and to protect them. You can talk to God openly. He is big enough to handle it.
  • Read Bible stories with them: There are great Bibles made just for kids, that are easy to follow, and great devotionals that can guide you. Look online, in a church or Christian bookstore.
  • Attend church: Take your kids to a local Christ-centered church where safe, trained adults can help invest in your kids, encourage their hearts and shape their character. We would love to see you at River Pointe, but there are dozens of other great children’s ministries in Fort Bend County we can recommend if you are interested.

River Pointe Church’s Brand New Children’s Building will be opening later this Spring. We invite you to a sneak preview tour with Anne King, RPC Children’s Pastor, on Easter weekend! For Service Times and Directions, go to https://www.riverpointe.org/easter

1 Factor to Help Your Kids Thrive
Anne King, Children’s Pastor, River Pointe Church

This Episode (3 Minutes): There is a lot of pressure on parents to raise “successful” kids. Today we share one important factor, that research shows, helps children thrive today, and in the tough days ahead of them.

Did you know, research shows us that a child’s success in school and later in life is greatly impacted by their sense of belonging?*

Belonging simply means:

  • Being known.
  • Being appreciated for who you are.
  • Being shown how to succeed in your environment.

Sometimes it can be hard for our children, your children, to feel like they belong: on a sports team, in the classroom, with friends, even at home. It is not easy and sometimes we need a good partner.

River Pointe Church is equipped to be a trusted partner, to echo your values, lead where needed, and to provide a place where your child belongs. We have shaped our entire ministry and every weekend program around your child’s sense of belonging. We have even designed an amazing Children’s Ministry Building as a place they can experience that God loves them and has a great plan for their life.

River Pointe Church’s Brand New Children’s Building will be opening later this Spring. We invite you to a sneak preview tour with Anne King, RPC Children’s Pastor, on Easter weekend! For Service Times and Directions, go to www.rpc.me/easter

*Source: Carol S. Dweck, PhD, is a leading researcher in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford.

Great Relationships Require Great Vision
Anne King, Children’s Pastor, River Pointe Church

This Episode (3 Minutes): When there is no clear picture of success for our relationships, we often struggle. This episode offers some practical ways on how to get a vision for growing your best relationships.

In sports, in business and in all of your relationships or endeavors—great success, requires the right vision. Without a picture of your destination, where you hope to arrive, it is difficult to know where to begin, or what to do next to succeed.

The good news is, we all have the capacity to develop the right vision for our most significant relationships. Vision is simply this: a mental picture of what could be fueled by conviction that it should be (Andy Stanley, Visioneering, Multnomah Press, 2005).

Vision often begins with a burden, or a problem to solve. If you are struggling with a problem in a friendship, your dating life, marriage, parenting, school, an addiction, or in your finances, the first place to begin, is with a vision for what the outcome should look like. Who and where you want to be.

How do I get a vision for what could and should be?

  • Begin by praying for God to guide you. Open the Bible and see what God has to say through the experiences depicted in the Old Testament’s Psalms or through the wisdom of the Proverbs. Read through the New Testament’s, four Gospel accounts, which depict the life of Jesus Christ, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In addition, review the stories and parables Jesus shares in the New Testament for insight and wisdom.
  • Seek out the examples and wisdom of others who have been in your shoes before and have handled it effectively. Finding others who have already succeeded where you have not, gives you a shortcut to insight you do not yet have (this can be vicariously through a book, podcast, online training, or through a living mentor, teacher, coach, counselor, pastor, etc). This provides a living model for what could be and what should be.
  • Draw a new map with the steps required to get there. Most topics, issues or problems can be broken down into three basic parts. Think about the path to your vision for a great relationship as three simple and clear steps. Begin with step 3 (your destination), and work backwards. Calendar it, then execute!

The RPC vision began over 20 years ago as a burden for the families and children in our community. The vision was to provide a safe place for people (all people) to explore their faith and doubts about a relationship with Jesus Christ, at their own pace. This would require disarming environments, authentic people and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others; a sense of fun and adventure. This vision is becoming reality as we approach the launch of our new Family Center, featuring a two-story, 34,000 square foot Children’s Ministry Building.

Even if you have never been to River Pointe, (or to any church for that matter) try to get a vision for your own family coming together, growing, laughing, learning, impacting others and being impacted by a growing faith in Jesus.

Whether yours is a traditional family, a single parent family, or a blended family— healthy or struggling—know this: River Pointe is here for you. This new Children’s Building (and the entire Family Center) was built for you. And importantly God is for you.

Can you catch a vision for what could be for you or your family? If your children are being led to follow Jesus and to grow in their character? As parents, can you imagine if you had the time and resources to grow as parents and as followers of Jesus? What could be for your family or for your own sense of peace?

We want you to get a vision for attending River Pointe Church and letting people—the Church—impact your family.

Relational Impact Requires a Relational Investment
Anne King, Children’s Pastor, River Pointe Church

This Episode (3 Minutes): It takes sacrifice, time, resources and hard work to make an impact on other people. RPC’s new Family Center, features 3 major investments in families of Fort Bend County, that are poised to impact the next generation.

To make an impact in life, business, or in your most important relationships, you have to invest. River Pointe Church is investing in the families of Fort Bend County with three new projects on the Richmond campus, that families will love.

1) The main project is a 2-story, 34,000 square-foot children’s ministry building, where each weekend, over 1,000 children, birth-3rd grade will attend church at River Pointe. The RPC kids’ leadership team, will use our new “kids building” for fun, safe and engaging programs that will help children grow in their character and in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

2) Fun is a big deal for families, so fun is a big deal to River Pointe. The second project is an investment in fun, adventure for your family members of all ages. It’s River Pointe’s Luckey Climber. Its bright, colorful and stands nearly 40 feet tall. It’s one part work of art and one part jungle gym, and will be a place kids of all ages laugh, play and come together.

3) The RPC Outdoor Family Plaza and Grill is the third feature. This is an open space at the base of the Lucky Climber and in front of the Children’s Ministry Building. The Family Plaza is designed for friends and families to gather, play, climb and enjoy a conversation over a meal grilled and served right there.

These projects were designed to be a place where families of Fort Bend County could gather, make new friends, and explore their faith in Christ.

We want you to get a vision for attending River Pointe Church with your family.

Try us on Easter weekend. There are 8 identical services to choose from beginning Friday March 30, Saturday March 31 and Sunday April 1. Check here for service times and locations: www.rpc.me/easter.

We cannot wait to see you!