Children's Building Launch Team
It’s not often you get to start or launch something new.  We have an opportunity in a few short weeks to open and launch ministry to children in our brand new children’s building!  We are all looking to make a positive difference in our community and this is a great way to serve.  Sign up below to help with our Move In Team the week of April 12th OR join our Weekend Team.  You can sign up below or join Anne in the children’s building after each service April 7th & 8th or April 14th & 15th to talk to someone about joining the team.  It’s easy to sign up, get orientated and a new FREE t-shirt!

1. Move-In Crew

  •  We will provide a meal
  • We will provide fun music
  • It will be organized and we'll put you to work right away
  • Sign up for a 3 hour time slot AM or PM
  • Tasks included would be:  moving furniture and equipment, assembling equipment, light cleaning, setting up rooms, stocking shelves, unwrapping toys


2. Weekend Crew

  • Lead a small group of preschool or elementary student through predesigned activities
  • Prepare materials for the weekend
  • Care for the needs of our babies in our nursery
  • Serve ONE service every other weekend