So many people are asking “What can I do?”

Here are some great resources to help you take a next step.


Have a conversation with someone who doesn’t look like you. Ask questions. And then ask “Is there more?”


Read a book. Expand your thinking. Even better, read it with a few friends. Here are a few to choose from:

Check out Patrick’s candid conversations with Ryan Leak and Liz Vaughn.

    Conversation with Ryan LeakConversation with Liz Vaughn

    Our Missions Pastor Terrace Clayton & Student Pastor Brian Moore had a great conversation about raising kids to be aware, understanding privilege, and how to listen to and learn from others’ perspectives.


    Resources for Parents

    Watch this powerful conversation between Children’s Pastor Anne King, Kindergarten Director Amanda Corneh & Assistant Principal Stephanie Clayton.


    Books to read with your children:

    These books are available in the RPC Richmond Campus Kids Library and can be borrowed for free when the library reopens.


    Join others in an Online Small Group that will either discuss the books I Will Be The Bridge or The Third Option Devotional.

    Join a group